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Algida. Condensed Happiness

Were you aware that more than 2 million individuals in Romania experience depression, ranking among the least happy in the EU? One approach to cultivating a relationship with depression is to cultivate awareness. By embracing every mood you experience, you can engage with the world in a more mindful manner, whether it’s sadness, happiness, anger, or even fear. This is the mission of Algida – to inspire people to find greater happiness.

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An assortment of feelings

Ice cream plays a unique role in our lives – it adapts to any mood and enhances any moment. It’s a simple yet effective way to indulge ourselves and enjoy life, but most importantly, to momentarily forget about the problems in our lives. Algida and Betty Ice ice creams transform a simple dessert into a deeply emotional experience. Each flavor, each texture, each combination of ingredients is crafted to cater not only to your tastes but also to your state of mind.

The campaign proposes a bold and colorful vision, where ice cream is presented as a perfect companion for any situation. It’s an invitation to savor ice cream in any circumstance, encouraging consumers to enjoy the variety of flavors offered. It’s an invitation to discover the frozen universe.

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