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Were you aware that reading children’s books not only enhances language skills but also fosters imagination, creativity, emotional growth, perspective, and empathy? Additionally, it serves as a bonding opportunity for parents and children. Recognizing the significance of this experience, our colleague who recently became a parent inspired us at Switch Malta to create a meaningful gift. Thus, Teri Book was conceived as our collective endeavor to offer the perfect present to our colleague.

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Open Project

The bear and the mouse

The bear and the mouse live happily together in a small house until the bear starts questioning their unusual pairing. Seeking advice from friends like the Hare and Kitty, they discover that their friendship is valued and accepted by all. Through reassurance from friends, the bear learns to appreciate their unique bond and finds comfort in their supportive community.

The story emphasizes the importance of friendship, acceptance, and supporting each other through challenges.

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