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Were you aware that the typical European family spends just 49 minutes of quality time together each day? The campaign aimed to prompt people to fret less over the trivial and focus more on what truly matters. A balanced lifestyle involves managing important aspects like calories, exercise, indulgences, and time spent with loved ones. The brand encourages individuals to prioritize what’s important and cultivate a healthier lifestyle. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the overarching brand mission of providing products that simplify life. Beko is the official partner of the everyday.

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Track what matters for a healthier life

In today’s society, embracing a healthy lifestyle extends beyond mere physical wellness to encompass a more holistic perspective, including mental well-being. Individuals are often encumbered by mundane daily tasks that add stress and anxiety to their lives.

While many brands are striving to enhance quality of life, the appliance sector often remains entrenched in product-centric communication. However, Beko stands out by consistently innovating its products to meet the evolving needs of modern life. By not only empowering but also facilitating healthier living, Beko enables new generations to thrive.

Measure what matters

Balancing what truly counts—calories, exercise, indulgences—is key to a healthy lifestyle. Yet, our busy schedules often derail our efforts. With Beko’s AutoDose feature, measuring detergent becomes one less task, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters. The brand promotes managing all aspects that contribute to a healthy lifestyle while leaving detergent worries to Beko.

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