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Black Logistics. Global transportation services

Were you aware that there are approximately 278 million commercial vehicles worldwide, with the vast majority of them being trucks utilized for the transportation of goods? All of this to facilitate the growth of a stronger economy, all of this so that you can have your smartphone from another country or your laptop from a different continent. This is the mission of Black Logistics: to provide its clients with transportation services of the highest quality and the best price.

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We set things in motion to foster a more interconnected world

We hold the belief that fostering connectivity among individuals can serve as a catalyst for global growth. This is why we have made a deliberate choice to integrate professionalism, efficiency, speed, simplicity, and a heightened concern for the environment into our operations, enabling us to facilitate the movement of objects from one location to another. Through this approach, we aim to contribute to the development of a more interconnected community.

An iconic identity

The main logo conveys the brand identity of Black Logistics through a cohesive visual system. With a flexible approach to colors, we guarantee that the brand maintains a uniform appearance across all mediums. The logo of Black Logistics is a significant asset to the brand and one of the most enduring elements in its communication strategy. It serves as both a signature and a symbol of identity and quality.

Velocity encapsulated

The logo is crafted from the wordmark “Black” and “Logistics”. Within the word “black”, the dash from the letter A serves as both a design element and a representation of speed, which is one of the company’s key advantages. The emblem of Black Logistics’ business can be likened to the concept of a package or a box. This is why we have chosen to visually frame the logo within an imaginative square.

Packaged warmth

Textures provide a nuanced yet significant method of infusing warmth and dimension into layouts without detracting from the core message. The brand incorporates a paper texture to introduce diversity in surfaces, serving as a reminder of the brand’s primary activity of transporting packages.

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