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Domestos and Cif. The perfect team

Did you know that cleaning together with a loved one not only reduces the workload for each individual but also fosters teamwork and shared responsibility? When couples collaborate on household chores like maintaining cleanliness, it deepens their connection and cultivates unity. Sharing these tasks helps couples sidestep any feelings of resentment or inequality. This was precisely the aim of Unilever’s promotion for Cif and Domestos – to highlight the joy of working together and offer the chance to win prizes such as a tandem bicycle, an electric bicycle with attachments, or a double-door fridge for shared use.

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    Wavecrest Bucharest

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    3D, Art direction

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Due to the fact that 76% of purchasing choices are finalized in-store, a variety of materials have been crafted to capture our customers’ interest: islands, cardboard stands, shelf dividers, flappers, wobblers, and stickers.

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