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Were you aware that 75% of expectant mothers refrain from discussing their mental health with their healthcare provider? Consequently, first-time mothers often find themselves grappling with their fears, insecurities, and experiences in isolation. Elevit puts the spotlight on the support system of a pregnancy.

Elevit is the ideal product capable of supporting a mother throughout the journey from preconception, through pregnancy, and beyond, into the postnatal period. The brand introduces three impeccable packages of vitamins to the market, each tailored to support a mother through these three crucial maternity stages.

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Advocate for the genuine needs of women

In a digital landscape dominated by idealized notions of motherhood and pregnancy, Elevit stands as a champion for addressing the genuine needs of women.

Mom with no filter. A celebration of authentic, messy, real moments of pregnancy

Elevit provides support to women in a compassionate, empathetic, and calming manner. It adopts a nurturing approach when presenting facts and employs an authentic and humorous tone when sharing stories.

Unfiltered mom on digital platforms

To effectively engage our target audience, we endeavored to employ the following methods: Original content through Reels & Stories (including simple animations or videos featuring influencers/experts), Poll stickers, Emoji sliders, Questions in Stories & Reels, Multiple-choice quizzes, Audio backgrounds, Influencer contests, Giveaways, and Challenges.

One feeling a day

During their first pregnancy, many women primarily concentrate on the physical aspects, ensuring everything is in order, often placing their emotional needs lower on the list of priorities. While our product caters to the distinct physical requirements of each pregnancy stage, on social media, we also address the particular emotional needs—initiating a discussion on one emotion with every post.

Reminder: you

While engaged in doom scrolling, Elevit has the opportunity to offer reassurance to mothers, encouraging them to take a moment to breathe, acknowledge their emotions, and affirm their self-worth. We can create straightforward, mentally stimulating, and captivating advertisements to provide mothers with a much-needed respite.

Yes, but…

Social media provides a gateway to information. However, the challenge lies in the type of information we disseminate. With numerous myths surrounding pregnancy and motherhood, our aim is to debunk them in an engaging manner. On Instagram myths will be debunked. As answers often involve nuances like “Yes, but…” or “No, but…”, we will invite a specialist to provide insights. Each myth will be accompanied by a video elucidating the reality.

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