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First Tech Challenge. Natie prin educatie

Were you aware that in 2016, no children in Romania had access to STEM education? By 2020, thanks to the efforts of Natie prin Educatie NGO, more than 2000 students participated in Romania’s largest Robotics Championship. The NGO’s mission underscores the importance of investing in students to cultivate future technology leaders.

The Natie prin Educatie NGO oversees Romania’s largest Robotics Championship, which is affiliated with the international group, First Tech Challenge. This program annually hosts local events where high school students showcase their handcrafted robots in competition. With BRD as a sponsor, Natie prin Educatie helps fulfill the aspirations of over 2,000 students in Romania, affirming that “The Sky is not the Limit” and empowering them to “Build Your Own Future.”

  • Client

    First Tech Challenge

  • Team

    McCann Bucharest

  • Year

    2019, 2020

  • Tags

    Art direction

More than just a tech program

Natie prin Educatie is recognized for its tech-focused curriculum, which instructs high school students in robot construction. However, it offers much more than technical education. Participants also acquire skills such as teamwork, leadership, fundraising, and marketing through self-directed learning. For some students, this program represents their sole opportunity to escape small towns with limited prospects for growth.

A sense of belonging. A community

Moreover, a sense of belonging and community is fostered within Natie prin Educatie. This extends beyond the participating children to include their mentors, judges, and volunteers, creating a truly magical community.

Initially joining as an Art Director for the NGO’s visual materials, I became so captivated by the experience that I, too, became involved. Since 2018, I have been an active member of the community, volunteering my time and efforts.

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