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Unirea Shopping Center. #deSigur LaUnirea

Were you aware that Unirea Shopping Center stands as one of the oldest establishments in Bucharest, situated right at the heart of the city? Acting as a common gathering place for teenagers, couples, and friends seeking a spot for a coffee rendezvous, Unirea Shopping Center has earned the reputation as the ultimate destination in town. Its allure doesn’t solely stem from its prime location in the city center but also from its comprehensive offerings, ranging from shops to cozy cafes and delectable restaurants. With its diverse array of shops, we’ve crafted a contemporary collage of photos, animations, and videos encapsulating the essence of the center, incorporating relevant topics and truths about its atmosphere and fashion scene.

A new image. A fresh start

Our goal was to modernize a historical location. The website’s design exemplifies contemporary living, with bold fonts, vibrant colors, and simplified shapes reflecting the essence of present-day aesthetics.

Bold colors in your feed

To connect with our youthful audience, we ventured into their digital realm. Employing a blend of bold fonts, daring colors, and diverse mediums and techniques, including photo collages, illustrations, motion design, and engaging conversation starters, we aimed to captivate their attention and foster interaction.

We created a dictionary

We placed emphasis on safety

We discussed our learnings from the year or explored its realities through conversation

We reminded people that it's a landmark gathering point ("Meet you at Unirea")

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