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Were you aware that, as per a UN report, more than 2 billion individuals face challenges in accessing safe, nutritious, and adequate food? McDonald’s aims to encourage people to explore delightful, uplifting moments for all. Thus, in addition to providing access to affordable nutrition, McDonald’s sought to elevate their offerings by introducing an element of unexpected gourmet experiences.

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Food serves as the universal language, akin to football in the realm of men. Bring together individuals from diverse continents, countries, or backgrounds at a table laden with food, and they’ll instinctively find a means to communicate. This is because food has the power to unite people.

Strategic direction

For aficionados of beef burgers, there exists an even more exclusive dialect: the Angus language. The Angus trademark serves as a seal of quality, symbolizing excellence in beef. McDonald’s aimed to illustrate how the clandestine language of this community can be uncovered and appreciated.

Gourmet for everyone

McDonald’s aimed to enhance the surprise factor by introducing elements from a covert community (both the product and its associated language) to a wider audience.

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