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Napoca. Childhood at every age

Were you aware that more than 2 million people in Romania struggle with depression, placing them among the unhappiest in the EU? The campaign aimed to encourage people to find positivity in every moment and to authentically enjoy life by tapping into the inner child within each of us. This campaign aligns perfectly with the brand’s mission: to promote childlike behavior at every stage of life.

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    McCann Bucharest

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The enabler of inner child

The contemporary concept of adulthood imposes expectations on how adults should behave and manage their emotions, leading to psychological issues and general discontent. As we age, we tend to become increasingly rigid. Therefore, Napoca aims to cultivate the inner child within individuals to foster a more fulfilling adulthood.

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Utilizing a child’s perspective in our everyday adult-life scenarios has been demonstrated to alleviate stress, anxiety, social constraints, and ultimately, enhance our happiness. Therefore, browsing through delightfully cheerful content can awaken that playful aspect within us.

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