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Omo. The power of play

Were you aware that today’s children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates? The campaign aimed to prompt people to ponder the essence of authentic childhood and its crucial role in nurturing better individuals. This campaign effectively aligned with the overarching mission of the brand: to foster a play-friendly environment, ensuring that children worldwide can engage in daily play for lifelong learning and development.

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Track what matters for a healthier life

“Stay clean!”, “Avoid outdoor play!”, “Stay within bounds!”, “Memorize everything!”—these are just a few of the phrases children encounter daily. However, genuine childhood requires genuine play for happiness, health, empowerment to conquer fears, experimentation, and pursuit of dreams.

The website (the power of play) serves as a gathering hub for individuals who advocate for play as a means of personal development, fostering collaboration to explore and establish alternative education methods. The platform provides recipes and articles tailored for parents and educators, extending an invitation to anyone interested in contributing to the project. Together, we aspire to nurture a generation of resilient children.

Untold and Neversea festival activations

Due to Omo’s conviction that play is paramount for children’s development and encourages youngsters to freely engage in outdoor play without limitations or apprehensions, we aimed to recreate that same experience at the largest electronic music festivals in Romania.


A collection of recipes aimed at nurturing bold, assertive, and dynamic children was created on the brand’s YouTube channel. By employing acrylics, textiles, vibrant hues, and creative techniques, along with a t-shirt, glue, or flour, you can cultivate the future generation of courageous youngsters.

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