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Domestos. The right to toilets

Were you aware that children from more than a quarter of Romanian schools are utilizing outdated toilets located in the backyard of their educational facilities? The campaign aimed to emphasize the importance of proper hygiene in ensuring the health of children. It was inspired by the brand’s mission to provide access to adequate toilets for 25 million people.

Build access to clean toilets in schools

Domestos serves as the primary advocate for hygiene in Romanian schools. However, in some instances, particularly in rural areas, there are no toilets to clean due to the lack of running water. This is why Domestos aimed to empower parents, teachers, institutions, and companies to facilitate the establishment of clean toilet facilities for children in schools.

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When we observe the concerning outcomes of Romanian schools, such as the high percentage of students failing the National Baccalaureate examination or the prevalence of functional illiteracy in international tests, it raises significant worries. We all aspire to provide our children with a better education, with more engaging lessons and inspiring teachers. However, it’s crucial to recognize the interconnectedness of issues. To truly help children reach their intellectual and human potential, we must first address their basic needs. This includes ensuring access to clean and safe toilets in schools.

The website (the right to toilets) serves as a central hub for those seeking to make a positive impact on the Romanian educational system. Domestos extends an invitation to nominate a school in need, offering a sponsorship of 45,000 euros along with cleaning products from the brand.

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